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The Great Lie-"Vertigo" EP (LEM002)

The Great Lie-"Vertigo" EP (LEM002)

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"Vertigo" dives deep into the depths of the human psyche, delivering an unfiltered expression of the chaos that surrounds us. From the opening track "Everything Ends" to the unyielding anthem "Vietcong," each song pulls no punches, fearlessly confronting the listener with unflinching honesty. "Tactful Choices" and "Look into the Sky" offer a blistering assault on societal norms, while "Southern Drawl" delves into the weight of personal struggles. The EP culminates with the emotionally charged "All This Weight," leaving an indelible mark on your soul.

Side A:
1. Everything Ends
2. Viet Cong
3. Tactful Choices
Side B:
1. Look Into The Sky
2. Southern Drawl
3. All This Weight

Pressing Info:
1st Pressing: 250 copies on Translucent Blood Red Vinyl


The Great Lie is Kerry Merkle, John LaFata, Mike Scarola, and Scott Martin. Recorded and mixed by Jast Collum at 756 Productions. Mastered by Arthur Rizk. Art by Robin Wiberg.

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