The Great Lie "Vertigo" 6 song EP out now!!

In stock and available to ship now is the newest EP from Long Island hardcore vets The Great Lie. Limited to 250 on Blood Red Translucent vinyl.

With their unmistakable sound, The Great Lie is a force to be reckoned with. Led by the dynamic vocals of Kerry Merkle, backed by the thunderous beats of John LaFata on drums, the relentless basslines of Scott Martin, and the searing guitar work and additional vocals of Mike Scarola, the band leaves no room for compromise. Their music hits hard, unafraid to tackle the gritty themes that shape our existence.

     Lemmis Records is a Long Island based record label focusing on the always prolific Long Island music scene with a balance of new releases and classic reissues.

The Great Lie Vertigo EP

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